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eine winterreise

Ex Voto/Mattatoio Sospeso

Festival de Martigues,2010

Stage director: Pablo Volo

Soundscape : Bruno Franceschini

Ensemble EX VOTO with Mattatoio Sospeso

and all the habitants of the refugies-site

la Coudelière , Martigues

Community project 

This was the first show of Pablo Volo as Stage director, first show after the FAI AR, first bigger experience in the public space, first community project.

An enormous experience, and the first big step for EX VOTO to become a recognized company for street arts and community projects.

The relation with the town of Martigues where good because of the regular work done for the carnival, a very big popular moment for the town.

ECCE HOMBRELLA- EINE WINTERREISE was develloppend with the habitants of a refugies- building coming from all other the world. 

The main role was for a Kosovar family, who played their role of a taxi-driver, a bride, two childeren.

With an international cast of professional actors, Pablo created a mixed group

with the refugees that worked togehter over 5 months. 6 weeks the whole group lives in the refugees-center la Coudelière.

Stage director Pablo Volo


Manel Pons

Vania Hiberia

Marco Mannucci

Viola Di Lauro

With :

All the refugies,

Centre de la Coudoulière, Martigues

Avni, Ilari Avnič

Ville de Martigues, 

Département Bouche du Rhônes

Région PACA

EU Leonardo Mobilitiy project

( Live long learning )

EX VOTO - Sales Gosses,

friche de la belle de mai 

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